GSA Auctions Miscellaneous Update


09/02/2020 01:42 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $25    STATE: LA    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 09-09-2020 11:42 AM CT.

Plotter Printer Computer System (367220023400095) Plotter Printer Computer System, Serial# FZ6A000065 Mfgr – Advantage Sign Supply, Incorporated and Photograph ID System Printer, Manufacturer: Data Card Corp., Model: Platinum Series Image Card, Serial# C65188. Approximate timeframe equipment was last used was during CY 2016. Major repairs will be required with parts and various accessories that may be missing. Warehouse Office and loading dock hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 2:30pm. Closed on weekends including holidays. Point of contact is Rickey L. Robertson, Sr., 504-507-2000, extension 67316 to answer any questions or concerns, to inspect equipment, and removal of the purchased equipment. Anyone entering the VA Michoud Warehouse must wear face mask or you will be denied entry. 367220023400095

09/02/2020 01:41 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $5    STATE: IA    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 09-09-2020 11:41 AM CT.