GSA Auctions Lab Equipment Update


10/22/2018 08:41 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $30    STATE: MA    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 10-29-2018 06:41 PM CT.

OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES MICROSCOPE, (Nikon Diaphot 1300, IMAGE INTENSIFIER ASSEMBLY) (Dage MTI #10472201, PUMP INFUSION (Harvard Apparatus #55-1111;), POWER SUPPLY (Smart UPS APC700;), CAMERA/VIDEO (MTI-CCD-72;), RECORDER-VIDEOCASSETTE; (Sony SVO-9500MD;), MONITOR-CCTV, Opti-Quip Power Supply; #1600,Opti-Quip ; #770; Bioptechs Culture Dish System,Zeiss Axioskop microscope, Uniblitz Flourescence, Scrambler Opti-Quip; #0122, Nikon Super High Pressure Mercury Lamp Power Supply HB-10101AF, Analog YSI Telethermometer; 437A; Hamamatsu Image Processor; **NO CAMERAS INCLUDED.** EQUIPMENT HAS BEEN SITTING FOR MANY YEARS. PARTS MAY BE MISSING AND REPAIRS MAY BE REQUIRED, (1 LT); -USED-The successful bidder is required to submit the attached statement of intent form prior to payment. All payment options will be blocked until this statement of intent form is received. Along with this information bidders must provide their mailing address, on-line bidder name and daytime telephone number. A copy of the statement can be obtained by clicking on the link located under additional documents on the solicitation page. Inspection and removal is by appointment only. Fax form to 215 829 2764, ATTN: Cynthia M. Smith. 36130282280001