GSA Auctions Trucks, Tractors and Ground Vehicles Update

  2011 CHEVROLET SILVERADO K1500 4X4 EXT CAB PICKUP 1GCRKPE32BZ189438. VEHICLE IS IN RUNNING CONDITION. THIS PROPERTY IS BEING DISPOSED OF AS-IS. REPAIRS REQUIRED BUT MAY NOT BE LIMITED TO: Scratches on Hood, Top of box. Dents on rear near bumper. Front license plate holder missing. Driver front tow hook broken off. ADDITIONAL MECHANICAL ISSUES ARE UNKNOWN. INSPECTION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Bidders agree to physically inspect the property upon which they bid or thereby waive the opportunity to conduct a physical inspection. In waiving their inspection rights, bidders bear the risk for any gross omissions regarding the functionality of items, failures to cite major missing parts and or restrictions with regards to usage that would have been revealed by physical inspection. AGENCY PERSONNELARE NOT AVAILABLE TO ASSIST WITHLOADING OR MOVING. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONOR TO SCHEDULE ANAPPOINTMENT FOR INSPECTION, CONTACT THE PROPERTY CUSTODIAN IN THIS LISTING 123A750183NE59