GSA Auctions Trucks, Tractors and Ground Vehicles Update


06/19/2020 08:51 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $100    STATE: FL    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 06-26-2020 06:51 PM CT.

  2007 Dodge Dakota ST, 8 cyl, est. mileage: 86,279. Power steering, cruise control, front driver airbag, front passenger airbag, intermittent wipers, power locks, power windows, power mirrors, air conditioning, fabric interior, cloth seats, quad cab, AM/FM radio. This vehicle is being sold with no warranty/guarantee is implied. This vehicle may need to be jumped started. This vehicle has surface scratches and some faded paint due to exposure to the sun. The vehicle was used in field work. The interior is dirty due to the type of field work. There is a dent in the right rear quarter panel. Viewing pickup by appointment only. Contact custodian in this listing. Repairs may be required. ******Please be advised this vehicle has a recall*****The successful bidder will be responsible for resolving recall with manufacturer***** *Click Link to View Attachment Pertaining to Recall***** 12639500783001

06/19/2020 07:21 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $25    STATE: KY    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 06-26-2020 05:21 PM CT.

  1972 AM General 2.5 ton 6×4, M35A2, diesel, MT, 6 cyl, est. miles:20,215, VIN:05B58569M72510351. Does not run, dead batteries, must be hauled. Must contact custodian prior to removal. SF120#1243N720051kY01 AG0001610112. Repairs are required. 1243N70051KY01

06/19/2020 07:11 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $25    STATE: KY    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 06-26-2020 05:11 PM CT.

  1977 Dodge W200 1.25 ton 4×4 pickup 8 cyl, AT, gasoline, est. miles:88,482, SN:W24BE7S199367. Unknown running condition, dead battery, flat tire, parts may be missing, recommend item be hauled. Must contact custodian prior to removal. SF120#1243N720049KY03 AG0001412362. Repairs may be required. 1243N70049KY03

06/19/2020 07:01 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $25    STATE: KY    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 06-26-2020 05:01 PM CT.

  1980 IHC 2.5 ton 4×2 van, model:1850, diesel, 8 cyl, MT, est. miles:19,883. VIN: AR185JHA31340. Flat tire, no batteries, unknown working condition, parts may be missing. Must contact custodian listed prior to removal. 1243N720049KY02 AG0001412431. Repairs may be required. 1243N70049KY02

06/19/2020 07:00 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $25    STATE: MS    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 06-26-2020 05:00 PM CT.

  One lot to consist of items as listed in the attached spreadsheet.

06/18/2020 03:00 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $6,500    STATE: AZ    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 06-25-2020 01:00 PM CT.

1990 International Water Truck. Mdl: C and C 4800, 2000 gallon water truck. VIN: 1HSSENHN0LH259155. Fuel: Diesel, 6 cylinders, 4X4, Estimated mileage: 32,840. Unknown front axle repair require. Truck dimensions: 26ft X 8ft X 8.5ft. Appointments required for inspection and removal. 89932300660001A