GSA Auctions Trucks, Tractors and Ground Vehicles Update

  2007 Chevrolet C4C044 Utility Truck (Internal: 140253-0218-0001; R0200928) 8 cyl, 4×4, AT, 6.6L, Turbo Diesel, AM/FM. Repairs needed, but not limited to: Transfer case bad, Will drive in 2WD, Will not engage 4×4; Pieces of metal (Not shavings) were found in fluid during diagnostic; Tires good; Pass side mirror damaged. Batteries are not holding charge; were charged & the vehicle ran for a few hours, but would not turn over the next day; Some dings & obvious fluid leaks; Overall fair condition; Working condition not guaranteed. Should be able to drive up on to a trailer. Would not recommend this vehicle be driven to destination. 14025302180001