GSA Auctions Medical, Dental and Vet Equipment Update

Med/Surg Supplies (36740402160001) Lot sale consisting of: XL TERRY SOCKS 4 CASES; MULT-FUNCTION ZOLL DEFIBRUILLATION & PACING 14 CASES; MULTI ADAPTOR 36 CASES; TIP EAR GREY 18 MM 2 PACKAGES; STOPCOCK 4-WAY MALE LUER 10 EACH; DETECTOR CARBON DIOXIDE EASY CAP 18 EACH; ORAL PROBE WITH 9FR 10 EACH; COVER LIGHT HANDLE 15 PACKAGES; TURBO TEMP PROBE ORAL FOR ALARIS MONITOE 3 EACH; PROBE THERMOMETER RECTAL 9 EACH; and COVER LIGHT HANDLE 15 EACH. Due to security issues at the property location, successful bidders are required to contact the custodian prior to entering the facility to remove property, and times, they are not permitted to use security phones. Therefore, successful bidders must communicate with the custodians in advance to make arrangements for removal and or have a cell phone with them to contact them once they arrive at the secured location. Successful bidders are cautioned that they will be responsible for loading, packing and removal of any and all property awarded to them from the exact place where the property is located, as indicated below. POC HERBERT COX 254 217-7537 36740402160001