GSA Auctions Miscellaneous Update


09/04/2020 09:03 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $700    STATE: CA    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 09-14-2020 07:03 PM CT.

  MISC. SCRAP METAL, 1 Lot consisting of: 13 line items, estimated to be: 7800 lbs. of Aluminum and 600 lbs. of Mixed Metal. This lot is offered for scrap value only and has no commercial value. Please click the link within Additional Documents section below for listing of available items and additional photos for this lot. Please note that not all equipment may be currently operable. Hard drives and memory may have been removed or sanitized. Repairs may be required & parts may be missing. Items are sold as is where is and may contain defects not immediately detectable. They are described to the best of our knowledge and there is no guarantee that all defects are listed. (Tag #S236146, S500020, S236663, S232321, S500130, S500035, 2220890, 2271151, 2271152, 2278785, 2271153, 2278784, 2181153, S370725, S236092, S234955 & S236206)(809117 0240 #0001 thru 0001-L) SPECIAL CONDITION TO ALL PROSPECTIVE BIDDERS AND AWARDEES: ALL VISITORS MUST COMPLY WITH THE FOLLOWING IN ORDER TO CONDUCT PHYSICAL INSPECTION AND REMOVAL OF ITEMS: 1) ALL MUST COMPLY WITH THE WEARING OF FACE COVERING AND GLOVES DURING THE ENTIRE VISIT AT THE FACILITY; AND 2) ALL MUST COMPLY WITH MAINTAINING SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES BY STAYING AT LEAST 6 FEET APART. THOSE FAILING TO COMPLY WITH THESE CONDITIONS WILL BE ESCORTED OFF THE PREMISES!!!! NOTE #1: PROPERTY IN THIS SALE MAY ONLY BE SOLD TO U.S. ENTITY. CITIZENSHIP OF BUYER/RECEIVER MUST BE PROVEN PRIOR TO ANY REMOVAL IMPORTANT NOTICE #1: Property is located at 3rd Party Logistics Warehouse in Ontario, CA. To gain access, all prospective bidders must contact Martin Van Scoy at OR telephone 818-354-4275. NOTE #2: All property is SOLD AS IS-WHERE IS. It is STRONGLY suggested that buyers inspect this lot prior to bidding. A minimum of 24 hours advance notice for viewing and is required. Appointments will be scheduled between 7:30AM to 3:00PM for both viewing & release of property to successful bidders. NOTE #3: Bidders agree to physically inspect the property upon which they bid or thereby waive the opportunity to conduct a physical inspection. In waiving their inspection rights, bidders bear the risk for any gross omissions regarding the functionality of items, failures to cite major missing parts and/or restrictions with regards to usage that would have been revealed by physical inspection. Absence of any indicated deficiency does not mean that none exists. Bidders are cautioned to inspect before bidding. NOTE #4: No open shoes (sandals, etc.) are allowed for viewing at the warehouse. IMPORTANT NOTICE #2: Photographs may not depict an exact representation of the item(s) offered & should not be relied upon in place of written item descriptions. Not all items may be photographed, and some photographs may also contain items NOT included in this lot. Please refer to photos by associating them to description or Line/Photo number on the attached listing. WARNING #1: Successful bidders are cautioned that they are responsible for packing, loading & removing all property awarded to them from the exact place where the property is located as indicated in the item description page of each item purchased. The purchaser will make all arrangements & perform all work necessary to remove Custodian will NOT assist NO EXCEPTIONS!! WARNING #2: Successful bidder is responsible for the exchange of pallets at the time of removal. WARNING #3: Exact weights or dimensions may not be readily available.

09/04/2020 09:00 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $700    STATE: CA    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 09-14-2020 07:00 PM CT.