GSA Auctions Trailers, Tractors and Manufactured Housing Update

  2018 Manufactured Housing, Champion 1460 N3SOUTH, BC: 2076557; Vin: 125AC0HB004536A; Year: 2018; Mfr: Champion; Model: 1460 N3SOUTH; Size: 14 X 60; Axles: 5; BR: 3; BA: 2; No Keys; Climate Zone: 2; Roof Load: 30; Wind Zone: 3; Damages Noted: refrigerator seal hanging, refrigerator door scratched, ceiling stains throughout, ceiling in second bathroom has stains near ac vent, floorcovering has holes and stains throughout, normal wear and tear, siding has small holes from transport and setup, back door area has bucked siding, tires may be flat or low; Major Missing Items: range drip pans and burners, 2 bedframes, 3 mattresses, couch and armchair, coffee table , some trim missing; MHU is equipped with residential fire system. Technical info located inside water closet door. Other parts may be broken or missing from what is listed in the item description. Deficiencies when known have been indicated in the item description. The absence of any deficiencies does not mean that none exist. “Physical inspection not allowed, online viewing only”. Pickups are by appointment only Mon – Fri, 8 am to 2:30 pm, weather permitting and closed holidays. Visitors MUST wear masks while on site, and remain in their vehicles until told to exit. For Safety reasons this site requires that all MHU’s be pulled by a SEMI-Truck, Pickup trucks may be used for travel trailers only. Due to Homeland Security rules and regulations, supervision is required for all children entering the property location. No pets or firearms allowed on this site. A 24-hour notice is required for Pickups. Those acquiring units are responsible for roadworthiness and safety upon removal from the site. The property custodian will not assist in making any unit roadworthy. Driver must have a signed copy of the Purchasers Receipt, Authorization to Transport form and a valid drivers license at the time of removal. Call 850-591-7606 24 hours in advance to schedule pickups. 70311202250003F