GSA Auctions Furniture Update

ONE LOT CONSISTING OF BUT NOT LIMITED TO: (1) HON tall black cabinet, (15) HONshort dark gray 2-drawer metal cabinet, (3) HON off-white desk with wood-like top, (1) HON credenza for off-white desk with wood like top,(1) White board, (1) HON natural or pine colored wood desk, (1) Lecturn black side table with wood-like top, (2)HON beige 4-drawer cabinet, (8) HON dark gray 6-shelf shelves, (1) HON short 4-drawer beige cabinet,(1) HON tall beige cabinet, (1) Rolling beige bookcarrier, (1ea) Beige typing desk; (1ea) MEDECO short 4-drawer cabinet; (1ea) HON long 4-drawer black cabinet; (2ea) HON light gray 4-drawer file cabinet; (2ea) HON beige tall 5-drawer file cabinet; (3ea) Wooden bookshelves with glass door; (1ea) HON 4-shelf beige cabinet; (1ea) Painting in picture frame; (1ea) HON beige 4-shelf file cabinet. Bidders are cautioned to inspect prior to bidding. Due to security appointments are mandatory for inspection and/or removal. 20912601630002