How to use the Auction App

GSA Gov Auction Apps are designed to help users to keep track of GSA Auctions happening in all  states of USA. We provide listing of the Sales in our app to help US residents to bid for the items using GSA website managed by GSA/US Federal Government. Separating the listings by state is not an option in most cases as the individual listings for items include auctions from multiple US states.

Latest Listings are available on Batch 1. Most of the latest and live Auctions should be available under  Batch 1  to 4 of the listings . we have included up to Batch 10 for you to review older or expired Auctions.  Please review the listing  below to understand the various fields included in an auction listing.  Please pay specific attention to the US State where the Auction is conducted as well as the Auction Close Time. 


GSA Auctions is the electronic system which offers the general public the opportunity to bid electronically on a wide array of federal assets, including surplus, seized and forfeited assets. Using the internet to purchase items that are for auction, bidders, both nationally and internationally may actively participate in multiple auctions held throughout the country on a daily basis. Marketing – GSAAuctionsSM offers a number of features that attract the buying public to its website. Multiple photos of offered items, featured items for current and upcoming sales and bid deposit participation only sales, are just some of the marketable features of this sale site.