GSA Auctions Medical, Dental and Vet Equipment Update


11/18/2020 08:01 PM EST
CURRENT BID: $50    STATE: AL    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 11-25-2020 07:01 PM CT.

  One lot to consist of (2) Portable X-ray machines. MFG: MinXray, Model: HF100H, Barcode 427565, Serial number: 35877 and Barcode 427566 Serial number: 36429. Inspection is highly recommended. Parts may be missing and repairs may be required.**Hazardous material clause: For any hazardous material sold at, the purchaser will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations with respect to the care, handling, storage, shipment, resale, export, or other use of the material purchased. The purchaser will hold the government harmless from any and all debts, liabilities, judgements, costs, demands, suits, actions, or other claims of any nature arising from or incident to the handling, use, storage, shipment, resale, export, or other disposition of the hazardous items purchased.** The successful bidder of this lot will be required to sign a Hazardous Letter before attempting to remove this property from its current site. Click on the below Hazardous letter under Additional Documents link to print, sign and email to or fax to 202-692-3222. Payment will be blocked until the required form is received*** 704A2602671003