GSA Auctions Furniture Update


11/12/2020 01:01 PM EST
CURRENT BID: $400    STATE: AZ    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 11-19-2020 12:01 PM CT.

1 lot consisting of: 7 ea. Flammable Storage Cabinets. For more information, see the below link titled “Inventory”. Cabinets were usable when taken out of service, however repairs may still be required and parts may be missing. Bidders shall verify condition and compatibility through a physical inspection only. In waiving their inspection rights, bidders bear the risk for any gross omissions regarding the functionality of items, failure to cite major missing parts, and/or restrictions with regards to usage that would have been revealed by physical inspection. No inspections will be permitted once the sale has closed. W91K3T02960001