GSA Auctions Miscellaneous Update


09/01/2020 12:00 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $1,000    STATE: MT    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 09-22-2020 10:00 AM CT.

The Ft. Peck transformers to be excessed consist of 5 ea. single phase transformers. Three of the transformers are Pennsylvania Transformers, oil filled, single phase 7333KVA, 115kv 13.8kv, OA FA class, Nitrogen sealed with removable radiators. The specifics for these are as follows: Serial numbers 4616-1, 4616-2,46116-3. The total weight is 62,500 pounds Untanking weight is: 28,200 pounds,Tanks and fittings: 13,100 pounds, oil – 2,825 Gallons at 21,200 pounds. One Single Phase Moloney transformer, oil filled single phase transforme r16667 kva, 115kv 13.8kv, OA FA class. Sealed nitrogen system with removable radiators. The specifics for this one are as follows: Serial number: 994599 manufactured 7-14-1950 Total weight: 103,000 pounds Untanking weight: 45,000 pounds, tank &fittings 26,500 pounds, oil 4,200 gallons at 31,500 pounds One Single Phase Moloney transformer,oil filled single phase transformer, 8333kva, 69kv13.8kv, OA class. Sealed Nitrogen system with removable radiators. The specifics for this one are as follows: Serial number 895584 manufactured 11-29-1950. Total weight is: 61,000 pounds, untanking weight is: 30,000 pounds, tank & fittings: 16,000 pounds, Oil: 2,000 gallons at 15,000 pounds. All the transformers are mounted on a rail cart transfer system. The system is old and not deemed in usable shape. Transformers will need to be moved via the Jack and slide method or by crane. The area adjacent to the transformers is very congested and will more than likely require the jack and slide method to at least a more open area. The transformers may not be completeand components such as bushings, cooling fans, potential devices, nitrogen systems, level devices, temp devices may bemissing or removed from the transformers. The transformers are located in Switchyard #1 at the Ft. Peck Power Plant. 215 Yellowstone Rd. Fort Peck Mt. 59223. Each oil containing bushing will beremoved by the successful bidder and placed in Government provided cribbing packaging or stand. Due tothe PCB content, the Government will dispose of the bushings separately. Each transformer identified above has the indicated amount of insulating oil. This oil has been determined by laboratory analysis to be below regulatory threshold for containing PCB s and lab results can be provided. Due to the configuration of the transformers, the oil must be removed prior to dis-assembly of the radiators from the transformers. This oil is a marketable item andcan be sold by the successful bidder. The successful bidder will be responsible for cleanup of any oil spilled during the above identified transfer of oil in accordance with any and all local, state and federal guidance. All items shall be removed from the project and at no time will any property be left on site upon completion of the work. The successful bidder shall be equipped with allthe required materials, supplies, equipment,personnel and permits required to complete the job from start to finish withoutassistance of any kind, from onsite government personnel. The successful bidder will comply with all OSHA, EPA and Montana state regulations. Potential bidders requesting access to view property prior to bidding can contact: Timothy Zabrocki Assistant Superintendent Ft. Peck Power House Work (406)526-3431 ext.3004 The opportunity for transformer movement is from 9 28 2020 to 10 16 2020. The complete removal from the site must be completed within this time frame.The successful bidder will be able to empty the oil and make preparation to move them prior to the outage with prior arrangements made with the site W59XQG0174MD01 W59XQG0174MD01