GSA Auctions Medical, Dental and Vet Equipment Update

  This lot consists of approximately (4) 6×6 Hydrocolloid dressings, (15) adult hook and loop tracheostomy holder, (7) MRI headset covers, (72) Uterine Explora model 1, (1) 8fr LPC Trach Tube, (5) 4×5 Hydrocolloid dressings, (8) Peak Flow Meters, (1) 3mm Derma Punch, (2) 3mm Derma Punch P325, (13) Veralink VAC Cassette, (1008) non sterile safety pins, (2) Sitz bath, (60) pro flow nasal cannula, (1) 3×7 V-Pro pouch, (2) contact lens remover insert, (4) Lissamine green ophthalmic strip, (1) Pachy tips, (4) 3cc 25g 1 inch vanish point, (5) splint freedom small, (3) splint freedom medium, (2) splint freedom large, (10) 64 oz. containers with lids, (7) ECG paper M1700, (12) premier printer paper plus 3000, (10) A-Scan paper, (7) syringe magnifier, (1) 8fr CFS trach tube, (2) 8fr CFN trach tube, (1) 6fr FEN trach tube, (2) paper monitor ECG 5.08cm, (10) paper 40mm EKG, (5) Colo ileostomy 45mm system, (2) lavage adult LAV 34fr, (2) 4-0 DermalonP-13, and (3) Leather Restraint. Viewing of property is highly recommended. Property may be viewed by appointment only. Parts may be missing and repairs may be required. Please contact property custodian for all inquiries & questions regarding property inspection and-or removal. *****Click on the below Medical Device statement link to print, fill out and sign the required form. Payment will be blocked until required form is received. Submit statement to or fax to 202-692-3222 *****. 36511201707250