Former Baton Rouge Depot


07/09/2020 11:00 AM EDT
CURRENT BID: $100,000    STATE: LA    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 12-31-9999 09:00 AM CT.


This Property is located at2695 North Sherwood Forest Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70814. Property issurrounded by industrial properties on the south, west and east with a publicpark and residential properties to the north. Property is located near theintersection of North Sherwood Forest Drive and South Choctaw Drive.  

This Property is irregularin shape and contains approximately 128.50 acres and is improved with 3buildings of approximately 42,312 +/- gross square feet as follows:

Building #74 – built in the 1949, offers a building ofapproximately 20,000 sf., more or less. The building is constructed of concreteblock. It was recently used for storage and office space. It offers about 4,140usable square feet of finished office space which is mostly carpeted floorswith some vinyl tile, painted drywall walls, and is centrally heated andcooled. The warehouse area contains four overhead doors including two dock highdoors on the south side of the building and two doors on the north side. 

Building #28 – built in 1989, offers a building ofapproximately 20,000 sf.  The building isconstructed of steel. It was recently used for storage space. It includesconcrete floors with two large overhead doors (18′ x12′) and four smalleroverhead doors (10′ x 12′).    < /o:p>

Building #70 – built in the 1952, offers a storage buildingof approximately 2,312 sf. The building is constructed of concrete block. Itwas recently used for storage.  It offersconcrete floors, concrete block interior walls, two pedestrian doors and oneoverhead door.      

The Property is alsoimproved with a 4,800 sf canopy, large concrete slabs, internal roads andinactive rail spurs. Outdoor lighting on wooden poles exists on the property.The site is surrounded by chain link fencing. Access to the site is availablefrom N. Sherwood Forest Drive at the southeast corner of the property.   &nbs p;