GSA Auctions Office Equipment and Supplies Update


05/27/2020 07:34 PM EDT
CURRENT BID: $100    STATE: DC    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 06-03-2020 05:34 PM CT.

(1) LOT OF (50) VARIOUS BOOKS CONSISTING OF THE FOLLOWING: Federal Supplement 227-999 Federal Supplement 2d. Series 1-892 Federal Reporter 33-300 Federal Reporter 2d. Series 1-999 Federal Reporter 3d. Series 1-694 Federal Reporter 3rd Appendix 468-699 Supreme Court Reporter 60-133 Supreme Court Reporter Interim 127-132b United States Reports 2-562 U.S. Supreme Court Reports L. Ed. 1-91 U.S. Supreme Courts L. Ed. Annotated 92-100 U.S. Supreme Courts L. Ed. 2d Annotated 1-184 Weekly Presidential Documents 22-44 CalendarsHouse of Representatives 76th-100th U.S. Law Week General Law and Supreme Court 55-79 United States Reports 2-562 Wallace Reports 6,7,9 U.S. Statutes at Large 1-126 U.S. Compiled Statutes 1-13 U.S. Compiled Statues Supplemental 1-4 U.S. Compiled Statutes Appendix Federal Statutes 1789-1901 Title Volumes Publisher, if other than GPO FMC Reports 1-28 Decisions of U.S. Maritime Commission 1-2 Federal Appendix 1-616 Interstate Commerce Courts Annotated 1-22 Interstate Commerce Commission Valuation Reports 22-49 Interstate CommerceCommission Reports Motor CarrierCases 1-116 Interstate Commerce Commission Reports 1-367 Interstate Commerce Commission Reports 2d. Series 1-5 Corpus Juris Secundum 1-101A Corpus Juris Secundum General Index Table of Laws & Rules Words and Phrases 1-46A ALR Federal 1-200 Lawyers Co-Operative ALR Federal 2d 1-68 Lawyers Co-Operative American Jurisprudence 2d 1-83 Federal Practice Digest 4th 1-114 Title Volumes Publisher,if other than GPO Federal Cases Circuit & District Court Courts 1-30 FederalCases Circuit &District Courts Digest 1-30 Federal Practice Digest 3d 1-120 Federal Practice Digest 2d. 1-92 U.S. Code 1988 Ed. 1-50 U.S. Code Supplementals to 1988 1-50 U.S. Code 1994 Ed. 1-50 U.S. CodeSupplementals to 1997 1-50 U.S. Code 2000 Ed. 1-50 U.S. Code Supplementals to 2000 1-50 U.S. Code 2012 Ed. 1-50 U.S. Code Supplementals to 2012 1-50 Congressional Reports 1917-1970 U.S. Treaties and Other Intl. Agreements 2-35 U.S. Treaties and Other Intl. Agreements Papers 1979-1995. ALL INSPECTIONS AND REMOVALS MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE WITH MR. DAVID STORY AT (202) 523-5900 OR EMAIL: DSTORY@FMC.GOV. NOTICE TO BIDDER: PICTURE(S) MAY OR MAY NOT BE AN ACTUAL DEPICTION OF PROPERTY OFFERED FOR SALE, AND CAN ONLY BE RELIED UPON AS A REASONABLE REPRESENTATION THEREOF. PHYSICAL INSPECTION OF PROPERTY IS ENCOURAGED AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (REPORT ID: 653102-0120-0001) 65310201200001