GSA Auctions Aircraft and Aircraft Parts Update

Gas Turbine/Jet Engine Parts (470496-9128-0003; (3) 17-757-03, OS3) Mfg unknown, Left or right garrett, Mdl T76-G-420, 1 ea; Service card state that ‘something’ (unable to read) is totally disabled. Partial box, may not be complete unit, sold as Parts Only, cannot guarantee that all parts are available to make a complete unit or that they may be in working condition. Have been stored in crates outside for over a year. Pictures not the best–will not unwrap all items and then re-wrap for shipping. Repairs needed, working condition unknown & not guaranteed. Est shipping wt & dim: 820 lbs, 58″W x 45″D x 49″H. 1 Lot 47049691280003