GSA Auctions Trucks, Tractors and Ground Vehicles Update

  UTILITY, 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, silver, V6 cyl. 3.6L gasoline, VIN: 1C4RJEAG4DC600490, est. mi.: 80239, AT. Repairs required including but not limited to: Check Engine light on, battery, scratches, dents, chips & dents. Parts missing including but not limited to: Spare tire. (VFV-600490)(1591H7 8134 #B117-A) NOTE #1: Inspect prior to bidding. SOLD AS IS. PHYSICAL INSPECTION IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! Bidders agree to physically inspect the property upon which they bid or thereby waive the opportunity to conduct a physical inspection. In waiving their inspection rights, bidders bear the risk for any gross omissions regarding the functionality of items, failures to cite major missing parts and/or restrictions with regards to usage that would have been revealed by physical inspection. NOTE #2: This is all the information provided by the various owning agencies. Please perform physical inspection to ascertain a more complete picture of item s condition. NOTE #3: There is a 10-day removal timeframe. Please refer to Terms & Conditions Removal clause and removal is by appointment ONLY! Third party removals MUST have purchaser s authorization ON FILE with auction house prior to arrival. Please provide SIGNED purchaser s receipt & authorization letter containing name and company s name, if applicable, to Auction House conducting sale. NOTE #4: Click on link within Additional Documents section below for additional photo & information regarding recalls. 1591H78134B117A